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Your smart choice of payment worldwide.

ACLEDA VISA Credit Card is a secure card which designed with the high-end layer of security recognized by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and provide security for customers using credit service can operate their banking services via ATM, POS terminal, or e-commerce to make withdrawals or pay for goods/services up to the existing credit line or up to the credit limit set by ACLEDA Bank.

ACLEDA VISA Credit Card is an alternative tool of payment that can be used for all kinds of transactions, from daily shopping to online transactions.

How to Apply


  • Making payments via POS terminals at any supermarkets, hotels, companies etc. in Cambodia or abroad
  • Pay for goods or services conveniently and the interest is not charged if you pay back to the bank before the due date [1]
  • Making withdrawals quickly via all ATMs where the VISA or VISA Plus logo is displayed throughout Cambodia and around the world anytime
  • Pay for goods or services, booking air tickets or hotels rooms etc., over the internet
  • Safety and convenience by not having to carry money
  • Possibility of operating transactions anywhere worldwide with valuable consumer protections under the law
  • Having an opportunity to use various ACLEDA Bank's services


  • Letter printed on the card is embossed letter
  • Having a 16 digits card number
  • A VISA Plus Credit Card designed as the standard of the logos of ACLEDA Bank and VISA
  • Having a consumer name in English
  • Having a valid date
  • Load with latest technology based on the EMV Chip in the front and magnetic stripe on its back to provide stronger security and any faking protection


Currency type is available in US dollar. If you make withdrawal or payment via ACLEDA VISA Credit Card in other currency, the system will convert it automatically based on the VISA's exchange rate at the time of settlement.


  • For individual
    • Be a majority;
    • Have identity card, passport, family book, or any valid documents;
    • Have a permanent address in Cambodia;
    • Have any collateral (land, building, deposit account, or guarantee letter etc.);
    • Have a proper work, salary or any sufficient income and good reputation or good credit payment history and guarantor; if not having any collateral.
  • For corporate
    • Have a proxy letter or resolution;
    • Have identity card, passport, family book, or any valid documents of representative of company;
    • Provide memorandum, articles of corporate, patent, business registration certificate, or any valid documents;
    • Have a permanent address of company in Cambodia;
    • Have any collateral (land, building, deposit account, or guarantee letter etc.).

Transaction Limit 

Description Transactions limit for one card per day [5]
Maximum transactions through ATM and POS 10 times
Maximum transactions via e-commerce 10 times
Maximum withdrawals through ACLEDA ATM USD1,000
Maximum withdrawals through ACLEDA POS
  • USD200 at merchant (depends on the merchant's agreement)
  • USD1,000 at ACLEDA Bank's office
Maximum withdrawals through other bank's ATM or POS at counter both local and overseas USD1,000 (depends on the other bank's policy)
Maximum payments for purchasing goods through POS USD4,000
Maximum payments by e-commerce USD2,000

Fee Charge

Description Fees for one card [2] [5]
Card issuing (primary card and supplementary card [3]) Free
Monthly fee without message alert [6] USD1.00
Monthly fee with message alert [6] USD1.50
Pay for goods or services through POS worldwide or e-commerce Free
Making withdrawals through ATM or POS of ACLEDA Bank in Cambodia USD1.00 per transaction
Making withdrawals through other bank ATM or POS in Cambodia USD4.00 per transaction
Making withdrawals through other bank's ATM or POS abroad USD4.00 + 1.00% of withdrawal amount per transaction
Incorrect chargeback request (for all disputes) USD5.00 per transaction
Duplicate bill/statement (request for addition statement) USD2.00 per transaction
Card replacement (damage/lost/stolen) or card not picked up over 6 months USD15.00
Card renew (expired) Free
PIN reissue Free

Safe and Security Conditions

  • Keep your card in a safe place;
  • Do not store password in any objects; it should be memorized for convenient use;
  • Do not tell or let anyone see your password when you are using it. Standing closer to the ATM and make sure no one is watching you as you enter the PIN;
  • Change PIN frequently;
  • Make sure that you always check the account you are signing when making a purchase;
  • Watch the merchant when he/she is swiping your card and make sure your card does not leave your sight;
  • Enter an incorrect PIN 3 times consecutively, your card will be blocked [4].
  • If your card is lost or stolen or your PIN is disclosed or comes into the knowledge of a third person, you must immediately notify ACLEDA Bank 24 hours to Call Center at +855 (0)967 216 4454 .


  1. Not charge the interest (pay for goods/services) until the 10th day of next month if you pay back to the bank before the due date. In contrast, interest rate on the balance will be charged from the payment date onwards.
  2. The fee charges in the table above have not included an interest yet.
  3. Supplementary Card can be offered to other persons (including from 16 years old) upon the request of the primary cardholder and can be issued up to 2 cards.
  4. For using with ATM and POS terminal of ACLEDA Bank.
  5. The fees and transactions limit in the tables above are quoted for indication purpose only and subject to variation. Please contact our nearest branch or our Call Center for our services requirements and more information.
  6. You will receive message alert of your card operations such as making withdrawals via ATM, making payments via POS or e-commerce, etc. With this service, ACLEDA Bank will send messages to your mobile phone immediately on the transaction time.
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