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ACLEDA Internet Bank

ACLEDA Internet Bank is the most advanced technology providing you to online access banking services (desktop or laptop computers that are connected to the Internet) anywhere anytime. It is fast, secure, reliable, and convenient to manage your money wherever you are.


  • Save your expense and time by accessing banking services anywhere anytime
  • Be convenient and secure for making funds transfer or payments
  • Minimize risk of bringing cash, counterfeit notes, etc.
  • Have an opportunity to use other services of ACLEDA Bank


The currencies using in the ACLEDA Internet Bank are Khmer Riel, US Dollar, Thai Bath and others allowed by ACLEDA Bank. If you make payment in cash different from your account, the system will automatically convert it bases on the exchange rate of ACLEDA Bank.


There are three languages in the menu of ACLEDA Internet Bank; they are in Khmer, English and Chinese, but all customers' information or data that are inputted in the system such as names, dates, amounts, and other figures are in English.

Customers' Qualifications

  • ACLEDA Internet Bank for Individual Account (Personal Account and Join Account)
    • At least 18 years old (majority)
    • Have an ID card, a Passport, a Family Book, or other valid documents with a portrait
    • Have an account with ACLEDA Bank (Current Account, Savings Account or Demand Deposit Account)
    • Have a personal computer (laptop or desktop computer) connected to the Internet
    • Have a personal mobile phone, a telephone number and an email address
  • ACLEDA Internet Bank for Corporate Account
    • Corporate owner has to assign account's members as a maker/inputter and a checker/authorizer to register for using ACLEDA Internet Bank
    • Have an account with ACLEDA Bank (Current Account, Savings Account or Demand Deposit Account) and attach with documents below:
      • Identification of account's members who are maker/inputter and checker/authorizer
      • Identification of company's manager, shareholder, or partner
      • Memorandum and Articles of Association and Certificate of Registration
      • Business patent
      • Letter of authorization or resolution of company's board of directors or manager on account opening
      • Proxy letter or resolutions of board of directors or company director for account opening
    • A maker/inputter and a checker/authorizer should have personal computers (laptop or desktop computer) connected to the Internet
    • A maker/putter and a checker/authorizer should have personal mobile phone, telephone number and email address

Banking Services Operating with ACLEDA Internet Bank

  • Payments
    • Bill payment (electricity, water, phone, etc.)
    • Phone top up
    • Make purchase
    • Standing orders
    • Payroll and bulk payment
    • Supplier settlement
  • Funds Transfer
    • Funds transfer within bank (own account funds transfer or funds Transfer to other account)
    • Funds transfer to repay loan
    • Funds transfer to non-account (ID card)
    • Funds transfer to other banks in Cambodia
    • Overseas Funds Transfer
  • View Banking Information
    • Exchange rates
    • Deposit account information (account balance, account statement and cheque status, etc.)
    • Fixed deposit status listing
    • Loan summary
    • Loan history
    • Loan schedule repayment
    • Credit line
  • Request for Using Bank Services
    • Deposit and Cash Management
      • Request to active dormant account
      • Request to close account
      • Request bank confirmation
    • Cheque Request
      • Request to purchase cheque book
      • Request to purchase cashier cheque
      • Request to purchase NBC's cheque
      • Request to purchase bank draft
      • Request to stop cheque
    • Trade Finance
      • Request for issuing Letter of Credit and/or request for amendment to Documentary Credit)
      • Request for processing of documents presented under Export Letter of Credit and/or request for amendment instruction
      • Request for processing of documents presented under Export Collection and request for amendment instruction
      • Request to issue Shipping Guarantee
      • Request to issue Bank Guarantee and/or request to amend Band Guarantee
    • Credit
      • Request all types of credit services
      • Request loan early pay-off

How to Register ACLEDA Internet Bank

  • Simply go to ACLEDA Bank's branch
  • Bring the above-mentioned documents
  • Open an account (Current Account, Savings Account or Demand Deposit Account) with ACLEDA Bank if you don't have
  • Fill ACLEDA Internet Bank's application form


Free of charge for the registration. And all fees of ACLEDA Internet Bank will be displayed in the actual transactions.

Transaction Limits

No. Description Transaction per day Amount per transaction (x)
1 Own accounts transfer (between accounts in the same branch) Unlimited (STP)
2 Own accounts transfer (between accounts in the same group of branches) Unlimited (STP)
3 Own accounts transfer (between accounts in different branches) Unlimited (STP)
4 Fund transfer between accounts in the same branch 10 [1]
  • x <= $30,000 or equivalence (STP) [2]
  • $30,000 < x <= $100,000 or equivalence (NSTP) [3]
5 Fund transfer between accounts in the same group of branches
6 Fund transfer between account in different branches
7 Fund transfer to non-account (using a test question or a phone number) Unlimited
  • x <= $500 or equivalent (STP)
8 Fund transfer to non-account (using an ID card) Unlimited
  • x <= $1,000 or equivalent (STP)
  • x > $1,000 or equivalent (NSTP)
9 Interbank fund transfer (from ACLEDA Bank to other bank in Cambodia) Unlimited (NSTP)
10 Overseas fund transfer (from ACLEDA Bank to overseas bank) Unlimited (NSTP)
11 Bill payment Unlimited (STP)
12 Payroll/package or bulk payment Unlimited (STP)
13 Supplier payment service Unlimited (NSTP)
14 Standing order (transaction) Unlimited (STP)
15 Fixed deposit placement Unlimited (NSTP)
16 Mobile top up Unlimited (STP)
17 Bank confirmation (per branch information) Unlimited (NSTP)
18 Purchase cheque book Unlimited (NSTP)
19 Purchase cashier cheque Unlimited (NSTP)
20 Purchase NBC cheque Unlimited (NSTP)
21 Purchase bank draft Unlimited (NSTP)
22 Request stop cheque/pending clearance (STP)
23 Request dormant account reactivation (NSTP)
24 Request block or unblock account Block account (STP) / unblock account (NSTP)
25 Request close account (NSTP)
26 Request credit services (all types) (NSTP)
27 Request loan early pay-off (NSTP)
28 Request trade finance services (LC/DC/BG) (NSTP)

Straight Through Process (STP)
After making transactions, the system is processed automatically without checking from the bank. Therefore, you should check your information and figures correctly because your cash will be debited from your account immediately after your success operations.

Non-Straight Through Process (NSTP)
After making transactions, the system is not processed automatically; your transactions shall be checked by the bank in the business hours even your transactions were made in the system anytime.

User Manual

Please click on the links below to download ACLEDA Internet Bank's User Manual (PDF file format).

Security tips when using ACLEDA Internet Bank

  1. Never use unprotected computers at public places or use internet connection or Wi-Fi in an internet cafe, a library, a shop, a restaurant or an airport, etc. to avoid your account number and password from being stolen by video or the monitoring of your keyboard strokes.
  2. Never keep your password and credit/debit card(s) together. You have to change your password frequently.
  3. Do not store your password in any objects, in written or electronic form. It should be memorized for convenient use.
  4. Never leave the computer unattended when being on the ACLEDA Internet Bank in a public place.
  5. Please keep your Hard/Soft Token in a safe place. Hard/Soft Token is a tool or an application installed on your smart phone that is used to generate One Time Password (OTP) for using with ACLEDA Internet Bank.
  6. Never reply to every E-mail/phone/SMS asking for your account number, password or PIN.
  7. Do not open unidentified programs, links or e-mails.
  8. Log on to ACLEDA Internet Bank through ACLEDA Bank's website by typing the URL ( into the address bar and not by clicking a link from other websites or an e-mail arrived in your inbox.
  9. Before using ACLEDA Internet Bank, verify the domain name (website's address) displayed to avoid spoof websites.
  10. Log off, clear history or catch, and close your browser when you have finished using ACLEDA Internet Bank.
  11. Please make sure that the computer used for ACLEDA Internet Bank is secure and reliable; update anti-virus software regularly and download patches timely.
  12. Please do not enter your account number, password or other personal information at unidentified websites to prevent them from being stolen by phishing sites.
  13. Please do not disclose your password or PIN and registered account number or any personal identification information to anyone and have your password changed on an irregular basis.
  14. Please do not use your birthday, mobile phone number, account number or regular numbers as PIN or password.
  15. Please remember that ACLEDA Bank will never contact you directly to ask you to disclose your PIN or password information.
  16. Be careful about the website you are browsing. If it does not sound authentic, do not download anything from it.
  17. Please check your computer or device using with ACLEDA Internet Bank frequently. If you found an unknown program or file, please remove or delete it immediately as it may contain viruses.
  18. If you have any problems or have found any unidentified website or e-mail, please kindly contact us via or phone +855 (0)15 458 449.


  • [1]+[2]+[3] The maximum number of transaction and amount per transaction can be bigger depending on the customer's types.
  • The transaction limits are quoted for indication purpose only and subject to variation. Please contact our nearest branch or Call Center for our services requirements and more information.
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