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Bill Payment via ACLEDA Unity

Bill Payment via ACLEDA Unity allows you to pay your bills for using water, electricity, internet, phone service, etc. by your mobile phone conveniently whenever and wherever you are.

You can pay your bills via ACLEDA Unity with services/companies below:

  1. Electricity Bill
  2. Financial Bill
  3. Internet Provider Bill
  4. Mobile Operator Bill
    • CooTel (CooBill)
    • Smart
  5. Public Service Bill
  6. School Bill
    • NTC Group
      • Newton Thilay School
      • Sovannaphumi School
      • Bridgeton School
      • American Pacific School
      • East-West International School
      • American Chinese International School
  7. Water Supply Bill


  • Self-service: pay your bills by yourself and save time;
  • Convenience: pay your bills anywhere and anytime 24/7;
  • Keeping track: be able to manage and control your expenditure yourself;
  • Participation: gain up-to-date knowledge, become modern, and can take part in social development;
  • Other opportunities: have a chance to use other services of the bank at the same time.

Special Features

  • Can pay anywhere and anytime conveniently and effectively
  • Can pay many bills per day, without a limit on number of transactions and amounts
  • After your transaction is successful, your account will be settled automatically to the company
  • For Internet Bill Payment; you can pay many bills per transaction if your bills have the same Customer ID[1]


The currency is based on your bill's currency.

Your payment will be automatically settled according to the exchange rate of ACLEDA Bank on the transaction time if your account's currency is different from the bill's currency.

Fee Charge

The fee is only KHR1,000; USD0.25 or THB10 per transaction.

General Terms

  • Enter the right Customer ID / Consumer Number / Mobile Number [1] / Bill Number into your phone connected to ACLEDA Unity when you wish to pay the bill.
  • After that enter the Balance Due / Total Due / Invoice Amount / Invoice Value.[2]
  • Payment can be made for valid bill only.
  • Payment can be made at least one day prior to the expiry date, except for Electricity Bill Payment that at least two working days prior to the expiry date.[3]
  • Have sufficient balance in your account or at least equal to the amount in the bill plus service charge to complete the transaction.

How to Make Payment

  • Log in to ACLEDA Unity (if your phone is not yet connected to ACLEDA Unity, please contact our officer to connect it)
  • Enter Password
  • Select "Bill Payment"
  • Select "Make Bill Payment"
  • Select Company (EDC[4], Angkor Net, Digi, EZECOM, Smart, MEGA, Mekong Net, ONLINE, PPWSA, Water Sihanouk, NSSF, ACLEDA VISA Credit Card Payment[5])
  • Select debited account
  • Create New Consumer Number or select existing Consumer Number if it is already saved in favorite
  • Enter Customer ID / Consumer Number / Mobile Number / Bill Number / Card Number[6]
  • Enter the right Balance Due / Total Due / Invoice Amount / Invoice Value [2]
  • Before selecting "Yes" to process payment, please verify:
    • Customer ID / Consumer Number / Mobile Number / Bill Number, and
    • Balance Due / Total Due / Invoice Amount / Invoice Value, etc.


  • [1]. For Smart bill payment, you can use your phone number as the consumer number so that you can pay to Smart without the bills and you can pay only one bill per transaction.
  • [2]. For Smart bill payment, the Bill Number and Amount are shown on the phone screen automatically. For Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority, the Amount is also shown on the phone screen automatically. For CooTel, input the deposit amount.
  • [3]. It is not our responsibility if you miss a payment or do not pay the right total amount as seen in the bill.
  • [4]. After select EDC company, select "EDC-Phnom Penh & Kandal", "EDC-Battambang", etc.
  • [5]. For ACLEDA VISA Credit Card payment, you have to select "Next 10".
  • [6]. For ACLEDA VISA Credit Card payment, you have to enter the last 10 digits of card number. For NSSF payment, you have to enter a 7-digit customer number of the bill.
  • For our services requirements and more information, please contact our Call Center at any time, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
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