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Securities Account

Securities Account is a corporate deposit account of ACLEDA Bank allowing securities firms or related agents licensed from Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) to settle payments for securities trade.


  • Facilitate transactions of securities settlement in Cambodian securities market; and
  • Safe cash management.

Special Features

  • For account opening, you can select Current Account, Savings Account, or Demand Deposit Account;
  • Specially used for securities related transactions;
  • Facilitate securities business and settlement by System of Securities Clearing and Settlement;
  • Settlement from Securities Account will be carried out under the payment order or electronic payment order from the system of Cambodian securities market.


Currency of Securities Account is Khmer Riel and US Dollar.

Interest Rate

The interest rate of Securities Account is daily accrued and monthly capitalized.


  • Fill in Corporate Customer Registration, Account Opening Application, and Corporate Specimen Signature.
  • Provide supporting documents below:
    • A copy of identity card or passport of the account holder valid for at least 3 months;
    • Identification of company's director, shareholder, or partner;
    • A letter of authorization or resolution of board of directors on account opening;
    • A memorandum and article of association of your company or institution;
    • Certificate of incorporation/registration;
    • Any licenses from the SECC such as Securities Underwriter, Securities Dealer, Securities Broker, Investment Advisory, or any other related agents;
    • Business patent;
    • Financial statements or annual report (if any);
    • Other relevant documents (if required).

    All copy of documents above will be verified with the original ones by underwriter or certified by the authority and shall be provided in Khmer or English language, or translated into Khmer or English.

  • Initial deposit is required, otherwise an agreement is made with ACLEDA Bank in advance.
  • Open 4 accounts:
    • 2 accounts in Khmer Riel and US Dollar for Own Account of Securities Firm
    • 2 accounts in Khmer Riel and US Dollar for Client Money Account.
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