Financial InformationQuarterly Financial Statements1st Quarter 2015

Quarterly Financial Statements

Unconsolidated Income Statement (Unaudited)

For the period: January — March 2015

  1st Quarter
Interest income 77,801,456
Interest expense (19,429,304)
Net interest income 58,372,152
Provision for loan losses (2,701,976)
Net interest income after provision for loan losses 55,670,176
Fee and commission income 8,881,730
Fee and commission expense (173,581)
Net fee and commission income 8,708,149
Other incomes 1,446,042
Personnel expenses (22,887,995)
General and administrative expenses (7,448,736)
Depreciation charge (3,279,619)
Amortisation charge (665,927)
Profit before income tax 31,542,090
Income tax expenses (6,220,906)
Profit for the period 25,321,184

Unconsolidated Balance Sheet (Unaudited)

As at March 31, 2015

  1st Quarter
Cash on hand 218,915,872
Balances with the Central Bank 650,494,559
Balances with other banks 167,073,642
Loans and advances to customers 2,186,860,474
Other assets 33,819,731
Investment in subsidiaries 69,956,960
Property and equipment 85,352,839
Intangible assets 9,223,924
Deferred tax assets 8,695,063
Other investments 153,529
Total assets 3,430,546,593
Due to other banks 301,008,819
Deposits from customers 2,112,080,948
Other liabilities (*) 105,804,100
Borrowings 292,460,519
Subordinated debts 116,000,000
Provision for income tax 5,764,755
Employee benefits 19,701,198
Total liabilities 2,952,820,339
Share capital 225,535,605
General reserves 144,649,033
Retained earnings 107,541,616
Total equities 477,726,254
Total liabilities and equities 3,430,546,593


  • (*) Other Liabilities included General Provision for Loan.
  • The audited yearly financial statements are also available at audited financial statements page and you may find more detailed reports in our Annual Reports.
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